Brentwood Car Valet Services

We are a family-run, mobile vehicle valeting business, priding ourselves on high quality, bespoke services at affordable prices.


Whether it’s a regular valet to simply freshen up your car or a full restoration job, we have the skills and products to leave your vehicle show room ready after every visit!


A personal vehicle or a commercial fleet, we make it a priority to offer great, competitive rates – so you know that you’re always getting the best service, at the best price!


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Full Valet

(Labour time: 4-5 hours approx)
Full Show Room Finish Valet of vehicle includes:

  • Full Interior + Exterior Clean & Detail
  • Autosmart Carnauba Spray Wax Polish of Bodywork
  • Wheel Detail
  • Road Tar Build Up Removal
  • Tyre Dressing
  • Plastic Trim Dressing
  • Glass Polish
  • Upholstery Deep Clean (If the seats are fabric we use an autosmart fabric shampoo, if they are leather we use an autosmart leather clean & condition the leather)
  • Carpet & Mat Shampoo
  • Roof Lining Clean
  • Interior Polish
  • Interior Deodorise
Mini Valet

(Labour time: 2-3 hours approx)
Wash & Deep Clean of vehicle includes:

  • Full Interior + Exterior Clean
  • Polymer Spray Wax Polish of Bodywork
  • Tyre Dressing
Weekly/Fortnightly Regular Clean Slot

1 hour-1.5 hours routine valet on the car (In & Out Clean + Polymer Spray Wax)

Bespoke High Grade Luxury Finish Polishing

Our cream & carnauba wax polishes rejuvenate tired & faded paintwork. They contain additives to intensify faded colours. Their weathershield technology gives lasting protection from the elements.

Pink Wax

A deep “wet look” gloss cream polish that gives up to 2 months protection.

Pure Carnauba wax (+clay bar detail)

Our Highest grade of wax. It’s a coconut scented wax that we find gives the best clarity and shine to any colour bodywork, as well as up to 3 months protection from the elements. Before we apply the carnauba wax we perform a clay bar detail treatment to the car bodywork, removing any contaminants, completely smoothing the bodywork out before applying the wax.

Wheel Sealant Polish

Protection from break dust build up & bad weather + gloss look shine.

Bodywork Renovating Machine Polishing

For complete bodywork restoration we also offer machine polishing.
We use an AutoGlym 2 Stage renovate and refine compound Polish.

It is a 2 stage in depth system that removes paintwork defects such as light scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, bird-dropping marks, water marks and holograms. It’s approximately a 4 hour process (depending on condition/size of car.) We also include a full clay bar detail treatment and Pure Carnauba Wax polish within this service.

Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating Bodywork Sealant (To be applied after machine polish)

Our high end bodywork coating, sealant service offers extreme hydrophobic function to the vehicles surface, protecting your paintwork from the harshest of conditions weather, lasting for over 18 months. This treatment offers both supreme water and dirt repellency, the sealant creates a barrier resistant to washing chemicals and heavy road grime. Further cleaning or detailing of your vehicle becomes a much easier task, making marks including water spots easy to remove. Labour time is 4 hours approx. Please note* Garage space is required for this treatment as product must be applied indoors, vehicle must also be kept indoors for 12 hours once work is complete.

Permanent Plastic Trim Restorer

Have the exterior plastics of your car faded through age? Our complete plastic restoration service is the solution!

Last’s approximately 2 years from just a single application. Approx labour time is 2.5 hours, full exterior wash of vehicle is included in the service.

Strong Odour Eliminating Machine Deodorise

Our dry vapour machine kills bacteria/germs & eliminates strong odours such as vomit, cigarette smoke, faeces, urine, food & drink etc. The machine deodorising cycle takes 3 hours.

*To ensure odour is completely removed, we recommend a full interior valet before running machine cycle

Minor Bodywork Repair Work

Our bodywork repair services include Scratch Removal, Dent Repair, Alloy Wheel Repair/Alloy Wheel Restore/Alloy Wheel Colour Change/Chip Removal/Panel Repair/Bumper Repair/Wing Repair + more.

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